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Associations - Child Welfare League of America
Alliance - Children's Defense Fund
Center - Children Now
Foundations - Family Voices  
League A national grassroots network of families and friends
Organizations  speaking on behalf of children with special health
 care needs
- Kids as Self-Advocates
- KidsHealth Organization 
is a website devoted to the health of children and teens, created by The Nemours Foundation.
- National Association of Child Advocates
- National Center for Children in Poverty
- National Immunization Program  
Answers to frequently-asked questions about childhood immunization
- The Alliance To End Childhood Lead Poisoning
- The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
- The National Maternal and Child Health 
Clearinghouse (NMCHC)
- The Milken Family Foundation
Health - Children's Health Topics
- Covering Kids
- Every Child by Two
- National Resource Center for Health and Safety in 
Child Care
Law - Children's Health Insurance Program
The Child Health Insurance Project
- ABA center on Children and the Law
Improving children's  lives through advances in the law, justice, knowledge, practice and public policy.
- Links of  Interests to Child Advocates


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