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 A View from the Past

The Charter of the Carbondale Hospital Association was approved by the General Assembly of Pennsylvania on November 7, 1889. Its purpose was "the support of a benevolent and charitable undertaking, to wit: The establishing, maintaining and managing a hospital for the reception, care and surgical treatment of persons who may be injured in or about collieries and railroads situated within the boroughs of Jermyn and Mayfield, the Townships of Fell and Carbondale, the City of Carbondale, and Forest City in  Susquehanna County."

The seven founders, who also served as the first Board of Directors for the new Carbondale Hospital were: William Walker, J.B. Davis, M.F. Norton, and  J.S. Stott, C.R. Manville, J. Moses, and S.S. Jones.

The original hospital was a Victorian three story wood frame structure and was located on Hospital St. in the vicinity of the present West Side Hose Company. The construction cost of the building was approximately $21,000.00 and the lighting was provided by naphtha gas.

Ownership of the building was accepted by the Board of Directors on November 2, 1892, and the Hospital was opened to the public on May 1, 1893. The Women's Auxiliary and the Medical Staff played a vital role in furnishing the wards and rooms. The Women's Auxiliary continued to play a vital role throughout the hospital's history.

Cases of severe accidents or injury were admitted any time of the day or night. Patients were also "received" by the hospital with the consent of a resident physician and approval of a visiting physician. House physicians were appointed periodically, Dr. M.L. Bailey was the first physician appointed to this position. During their term of service, house physicians were subject to some interesting rules which virtually eliminated their ability to operate a private or public practice. They were not permitted to charge for any service within the hospital or have any professional engagements. House physicians were required to visit all patients each morning and evening.

During the first full year of the hospital's operation, 82 patients received treatment provided by the hospital commonly known as the "Miner's Hospital". Total operational expenses amounted to $6,750.50; accounting for part of the expenses were salaries at $1,985.26 and medicine costs of $187.11.

In the mid 20's, the Hudson Coal Company expressed an interest in the land on which the hospital was situated and offered other land in exchange. The Board of Directors accepted the offer in 1931, and the construction of the new hospital, located on the present site of 185 Fallbrook Street, was completed in June, 1933.

In 1961, the Carbondale Hospital Association added a new wing to provide expanded services, and the name was formally changed to Carbondale General Hospital. Further expansions took place in 1979 and 1981. Included in these expansions were numerous services that had been added to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of both inpatient and outpatient.  These services included: Respiratory Therapy Program, Short Procedure Unit,  Diagnostic Cardiology Unit, Cardiac Rehabilitation Program ,a refurbished Physical Therapy Department, Nuclear Medicine Cardiology, and CT Scanning. The Hospital also operated a Vascular Laboratory for non-invasive testing of circulatory problems and a fully staffed Emergency Department, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Oncology was also provided by specially trained personnel. 

In 1985, the Community Medical Center Foundation and Carbondale General Hospital signed an agreement for the CMC Foundation to provide management services for the Upper Valley hospital.

In 1992, Carbondale General Hospital joined with Saint Joseph's Hospital to form Marian Community Hospital.

Historically, the hospital had been fortunate and proud to be supported by a dedicated and compassionate Medical Staff. The Board of Directors provided the direction and leadership as representatives of the community in promoting the best possible patient care to the citizens of the Upper Valley. Numerous men and women over the years have freely donated their precious time and interest in helping the hospital to achieve its mission to provide service to the sick and injured.

 Resource: Carbondale Library. Article on the Centennial Celebration of the Carbondale General Hospital, 1989. "100 years of caring ... and sharing" 


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