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Marian Community Hospital "Tree of Life" is truly a meaningful way to commemorate a joyous birth, wedding, anniversary, graduation or to memorialize loved ones lost.

Gifts to the "Tree of Life" will help others achieve a better life . . . and improve the quality of life and health care in our area.

Marian Community Hospital "Tree of Life" is a beautifully hand carved sculpture designed by renowned artist Sanford Werfel, and incorporates a rendering of St. Joseph in the base. The Tree occupies a dominant place in the hospital's lobby where friends of the Hospital will now have the opportunity to establish a tribute to loved ones.

Your leaf will serve to inspire present and future generations to continue and perpetuate the health care mission of Marian Community Hospital


 An inspiring way to memorialize and honor family members, 
friends, and loved ones or to commemorate special events . . .

Your gift to "Tree of Life" is easy to arrange . . . and will serve to expand the wide range of health care programs and services offered by Marian Community Hospital.

Because area residents are in integral part of our existence, we can share a common goal - to be a visible sign of hope - a heritage of quality health care for those yet to come.

Wisdom . . . is a tree of life to those who lay hold of her; those who hold her fast are called happy.   Proverbs 3:18 

Please consider . . . your investment in the Marian Community Hospital "Tree of Life" will help ensure a healthier tomorrow for hundreds of area residents.

A Donation of $1,000 - A beautifully engraved leaf on "Tree of Life"  with the inscription of your choice.

A Donation of $5,000 - The inscription of your choice handsomely engraved on a stone at the base of the Tree.

The total amount given for a leaf or stone is based on a cumulative gift or a one-time contribution. Each leaf is permanently engraved with the name of the donor and the special event or person being honored.

"Tree of Life" will serve as a constant reminder symbolizing your commitment to sharing in the hospital's healing ministry.

Further information about the "Tree of Life"  can be obtained by contacting the Maxis Foundation Office, (570) 281-1007.

Please  E-mail Us to
[email protected]

With Your Help . . . "The Tree of Life" Will Continue To Grow!

 Yes, I would like to contribute to the "Tree of Life"


Name: ________________________

___ I want to contribute and pay in installments.


      Enclosed is my first payment of $ ________

Address ______________________

      towards a  "Tree of Life" _____ Leaf 


      ($1,000)/______ Stone ($5,000).


       Leaf Installments are $250.00 every three  

City       ______________________

      months. Installment Payments for a Stone
      are $1,250.00 every three months.

State    _____  Zip _____ _______

___ Please Charge my

    ___ Mastercard    ____ Visa 

___ Enclosed is a $1,000 Contribution for a 

      Card Number ______________________

       "Tree of Life" Leaf.

      Expiration Date ____________________

___  Enclosed is a $5,000 Contribution for a


       "Tree of Life" Stone.


Please engrave as follows: _____________________________________


Signature Required for Credit Card Contributions

All gifts are tax deductible. Please make checks payable to Maxis Foundation.



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