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  • Non-invasive venous (color) duplex imaging of the major deep veins upper/lower extremities
  • Inferior vena cava, aorta, iliac vein imaging
  • Saphenous vein mapping Venous insufficiency testing 
  • Non-invasive arterial duplex imaging upper/lower extremities including iliacs and aorta 
  • Pulse volume recording with segmental pressures Raynaud's testing for vasconstrictive disease Post-operative graft assessment
  • Stress testing for claudication
  • Subclavian steal testing
  • Non-invasive color duplex imaging of the the carotid and vertebral arteries.
 Common Indications for Testing
  • Possible DVT upper/lower extremities
  • Sudden onset unilateral edema, pain, redness
  • Post-surgery, especially leg surgery
  • Unilateral weakness
  • Confusion
  • Amaurosis Fugax
  • Aphasia
  • Syncope
  • Sudden onset of severe leg/arm pain, discoloration, or coldness
  • Pain when walking
  • Pre-operative evaluation for wound healing
  • Distal foot/toe ulcers

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