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 Medical Social Work

The Social Work Department is located on the Third Floor of the hospital. Inpatients, outpatients, family members, and persons significant to patients are eligible for Social Work Services. The Social Work Staff is a part of your entire treatment team. Our goal is to focus on the total care of the patient that is often affected physically and emotionally by illness, injury and hospitalization. Understanding the Social Worker's role in the hospital may help you decide if you need our services. Please do not hesitate to ask for help. Our entire staff is here to help and support you during times of illness and hardship. Please contact the Social Work Department at (570) 281-1031.


 Education & Problem Solving
We can offer information concerning your options for follow-up care. Understanding insurance-related issues and choosing the most appropriate option and community resources for your rehabilitation and recovery is often difficult. We can explain the differences and try to help simplify the process of decision making.


 Discharge Planning
We can discuss your concerns, help you communicate those concerns when needed, organize your arrangements, and assist you where possible with unexpected difficulties. We include your physician and nurses for their expertise.


 Counseling and Support
We can offer information and referral services for non-medical issues which may affect you physically, psychologically, and spiritually; for example: Drug/Alcohol Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Family Violence, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, Children's Needs, Concerns of the Elderly, Rape/Sexual Assault, Teen Pregnancy, Parenting Concerns, Caregiver Distress, Inadequate Housing, Homelessness, and Poverty.


 Social Work Services
The Social Work Staff can assist you with arranging these and other services for your care after discharge:
  • Visiting Nurse/Home Health/Hospice
  • Durable Medical Equipment for your home
  • Oxygen
  • Transportation
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Personal Care Home
  • Rehabilitation


The information you and your family provided on admission and during hospitalization will be taken into consideration when determining your hospital stay. Your physician, hospital staff, and insurance representative will work closely to provide you with medically necessary acute hospital care.

Availability of community resources will be taken into consideration. Your stay in the hospital, treatment and discharge decisions will be based on this information.

The Social Work Department is able to assist you and your family in your preparations for a safe discharge. If you have concerns regarding your anticipated discharge, please contact the Social Work Department at (570) 281-1031.
Social Work Services are extended to patients treated in our Outpatient Departments. Although admission is not required, you may have needs that should be addressed to maintain optimum health and well-being. Ask the nurse, doctor or other staff assisting you to contact the Social Work Staff.

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