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Marian Community Hospital, Carbondale, located in the Upper Lackawanna Valley, provides a structured acute psychiatric unit for adults who require hospitalization for most psychiatric illnesses. Illnesses treated include but are not limited to Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorders, Adjustment Disorders, Schizophrenia and other acute thought disorders.

The Mental Health Unit accommodates 14 patients in private and semi-private rooms. The setting is an atmosphere that is safe, inviting, and promotes emotional well-being. The intensive nature of the program generally results in a low length of stay and low readmission rate.

Philosophy -- The basic philosophy of Marian Community Hospital's Mental Unit is one of compassionate care of the whole person. Healthcare professionals of this department  approach each patient and family with an attitude of dignity and respect, professionalism, and clinical competence. 

The staff takes time to listen to patient needs, attend to the physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns of each patient and to convey a message of hope.

Marian Community Mental Health Services


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Nursing Care -- Registered nurses and Certified Psychiatric/Mental Health nurses provide patient care.
Psychiatric Staff includes
  • Full time Board Certified Psychiatrist
  • Full time Master’s level Therapeutic Coordinator
  • Master’s and Bachelor’s level therapists

Patients are seen daily by a psychiatrist. Group therapy is offered on both day and evening shifts. The staff/client ratio is generally 3:1 affording each patient appropriate individual treatment.


Therapy -- Patients are seen in individual, group and family therapy. Daily activities include but are not limited to: verbal therapy, relaxation therapy, Mindfulness, art therapy, recreational therapy.


Social Work -- Referrals to Social Work are made by the staff of the Mental Health Unit or by the request of the patient. Social workers assist patients with discharge planning and other social and environmental issues that influence their recovery. Patients who require community services post-discharge receive referrals to the appropriate social service agencies.
Spiritual Care -- Members of the Spiritual Care Department bring God’s presence and healing ministry to patients and their families. Upon request, they assist patients in meeting their personal spiritual needs.
Family -- Families are encouraged to participate in family therapy sessions. In addition, the psychiatrist and psychiatric staff are available to meet with family members to provide information and suggestions regarding on-going patient care.


Psychiatric Home Care -- Psychiatric Home Care is available through Marian Home Health Services for home bound patients or as an intermediary treatment for patients post-discharge and prior to entry into a partial hospital program. This service can be order by the psychiatrist or other physicians as appropriate.
Information -- Physicians or office staff personnel may make direct and confidential inquiries concerning the Marian Community Hospital Mental Health Unit by calling James Chropowicki, R.N., Unit Manager or Sanjay Chandragiri, M.D., Medical Director at (570) 281-1060.


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About the Hospital -- Marian Community Hospital, member Maxis Health System, sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is a Catholic acute care community hospital of 104 beds. Service area for mental health includes northern Lackawanna, Wayne, and Susquehanna counties.

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