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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a revolutionary imaging technique that uses strong magnetic fields and weak radio waves to obtain diagnostic information from hydrogen nuclei in the body. These nuclei, or protons, are abundant in the body's tissue.

The Philips Integra MRI system at Marian Community Hospital, Carbondale, employs a .5 Tesla magnet. (Tesla is the internationally recognized unit for measuring magnetic field strength.) The magnetic field created by the magnet causes protons inside the patient's body to align and spin in the same direction. A radio frequency signal is beamed into the magnetic field, compelling the protons to move out of alignment. When the signal stops, the protons relax back into alignment and release energy.

Receiver coils, which are placed around the parts of the body being scanned, measure the energy being released and the movement of the protons. The use of multiple coils allows several body parts to be scanned without repositioning the patient. The software technology, which includes a phased array system, gathers information from the receiver coils and channels it to the computer screen. The images produced are transferred onto film and optical disk.
  • No ionizing radiation
  • No biological hazards
  • Superior tissue contrast
  • Insensitive to calcification
  • Direct multi-planar capability
  • Blood flow sensitivity
 New MRI System
The Integra System designed by Philips Medical Systems is the latest state-of-the-art technology in diagnostic imaging.  The new MRI installed August, 2002 is stronger than our previous one and as a result, we will be able to offer new studies which will be completed faster and with greater image detail.  

The speed of the Philips MR Unit and the large opening of the compact scanner should add to the comfort of all patients, especially the critically ill, children and claustrophobic patients.  To enhance patient comfort, Marian Community has included an MRI Audio-Video System that allows the patient to watch and listen to a relaxation or entertainment video while the scans are being performed.

The combination of latest technology, quality images, quicker scanning time and comfort makes Marian Community the choice location for your MRI testing.  Extended hours and weekend hours are available.
 MRI Audio Visual System
Marian Community Hospital has added a new dimension to MRI testing.  The hospital has recently acquired an MRI Audio/Visual System to aid in the comfort and relaxation of all patients, especially children and those who are claustrophobic.  Previously, MRI patients were able to listen to their favorite recording artist.  Now, patients will also have the choice of selecting a soothing relaxation or an entertainment video to view through light-weight glasses.  The selections include:  relaxation and self help videos, nature, ocean, space travel complemented with orchestrated music, as well as, sports greats and bloopers, children's cartoons and many more.

The advanced electronics and the innovative design used in the MRI Audio/Video System provides the hospital with an elegant yet simple solution to MRI patient comfort and communication.  The headset has a two-way patient intercom with built in microphone.  This allows the patient and technologist to communicate while the video is playing.  According to our MRI patients, the Audio/Video system is especially helpful for those who have claustrophobic tendencies.
  Commitment to Service

Marian Community Hospital MRI offers:

  • Interpretation by board certified radiologists
  • Reports faxed the same day as testing
  • Flexible scheduling hours, including evenings and weekends
  • Copies of films upon request of the physician
  • An outpatient facility approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Cardiac Pacemakers
  • Intracranial Aneurysm Clips
  • Cardiac Valve Prosthesis with Ferromagnetic Material
  • Inner Ear Implants 
  • Other Metal Implants
  • Pregnancy (unless otherwise determined by physician)
 Scheduling an MRI/Registration
Physicians' office staffs can schedule an MRI at Marian Community Hospital by calling (570) 281-1133 locally, or 1-800-281-2830 out of the area. There are flexible scheduling hours and same-day service, including evenings and weekends.

MRI staff will need the patient's diagnosis, other pertinent clinical information, as well as demographic information. Patients should be advised of the listed contraindications. After the appointment is made, it is important to inform patients that they will receive a phone call from MRI staff to pre-register before the day of their appointment. On the day of the appointment, the patient should come directly to the MRI location; it is not necessary to stop at the hospital for registration.

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